All the essentials when it comes to delivery management, Scurri can offer you the most efficient solutions for your business. By integrating warehouse management and order processing systems with their software, Scurri has developed a web based shipment management platform that intelligently selects the right carrier service based on your route and package.

Scurri has successfully integrated with the majority of the UK’s national and international carriers, making the transition even smoother for you. Their smart automatic carrier selection helps to eliminate the time-consuming manual decision making process; the automatic decision will select the appropriate carrier and service for the type of package you want to send.

Furthermore, Scurri offers a single printer solution for your business to manage your deliveries. The simple process followed is: Scurri is already linked to your carrier(s), they then intelligently assign the right carrier for the delivery, and with this one printer you can print all the different labels from different carriers at the click of a button.

With the dramatic rise and changes occurring in ecommerce recent research has argued that e-retailers would be best served by closer management of their supply chains. Delivery management that allows you to select the most appropriate and cost effective carrier service on a parcel to parcel basis is a smart choice, and our partner Scurri can help you do this.

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